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A life-long mission to help others live a sustainable life...

Updated: Jul 30, 2020

Here’s a 10-second summary of my 20-year journey that eventually resulted in the launch of Roots' Chef plant-based readymade meals.

3 Months ago, the world came to a standstill because of Covid -19 and the countrywide lockdown. During this time, I struggled to find healthy and tasty readymade meals. This sparked my idea to develop my own plant-based protein meals. And so, with my team at my side, the journey started!

We developed, tasted and tested each dish until we were satisfied with the end result. Finally the team and I managed to produce 7 delicious meals. I really enjoyed the entire process because this is my passion!

Since lockdown 4 our product has been in the freezers of our local Pick a Pay in Potchefstroom and we are humbled by the fantastic response of the public.

...Convenient and delicious... good for your health...

During all my research I discovered that plant-based proteins are beneficial to your health.

Why do I say this? Plant protein is a great substitute for meat proteins. It's protein content is equal to that of meat and similar in texture. It is indeed the vegetarian's meat!

Eliminating meat is heart friendly and lowers cholesterol.

I am sure you will agree 100% with me that plant based proteins could be right for YOU!

You might ask me WHY should you try ROOTS CHEF -Ready to eat meals?

This is easy to answer.

· Our product is of superior quality and taste.

· The manufacturing of the product takes place in a kitchen that passed all the tests & audits

Our recipes are developed by highly qualified and experienced chefs

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