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Updated: Oct 6, 2020

In this wellness space I will be sharing something for the body and something for the the saying goes - 'healty body, healthy mind'.


* Health is the new wealth...

...Because Roots' Chef is all about plant-based protein, I thought it only fitting to chat a bit about it's benefits.

Eating plant protein can reduce the risk of various health problems! This is good news, because we are all looking for ways to improve our health and lifestyle! new staple food...

Now that we know the benefits of plant protein, we need recipes! I am going to share easy to follow recipes on a regular basis, so don't miss out!

The beauty with plant protein is that you can imitate the tatste of meat by adding your favourite ingredients and flavours. So be daring and creative and improvise!

..a recipe to boost your immune system...and it's tasty too!

Spices have been used for ages for their flavour and medicinal properties. The recipe I'm sharing here is really one that is rich in spices....perfect to boost your immune system in this difficult time! From cumin, turmeric, black pepper - all the spices have their unique properties and help keep diseases at bay.

See the recipe for Chicken-style Tikka Pita on our recipe page


* Something for the mind...Get Inspired


With the outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic we are not allowed to travel, but let me take you on a trip down memomy lane...

Italy .......

This morning I struggled to find my mask which is compulsory

to wear during this time of COVID-19.

This reminded me of Venice in Italy where they have an annual carnival and it’s compulsory to wear a mask, but those masks are beautifully decorated

A famous landmark in Venice is the St Mark’s bell tower and we spent a couple of hours there feeding the pigeons, walking through the little streets.

I must say I had one of my best pizza’s ever in Venice. Chef Nathan is going to show us a homemade paste – one of his favourite tomato sauces
Our recipe for today is Napolitana Sauce

See the recipe

on our recipe page.

Thank you for traveling with me today.

I hope to see you on my next adventure!

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