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From plant to Soulfood...

Updated: Sep 2, 2020

When I began making changes to my diet, I started learning about how my favourite foods were produced, and let me just say this, they are not my favourites anymore!

To improve your lifestyle you need to know what you are eating. At Roots' Chef we understand the importance of this!

Get to the Root of how we produce our readymade meals...

The key aspect at Roots's Chef is that we do not use any meat! SOUNDS GOOD? We substitute meat with plant protein.

...a recipe for a culinary feast...

At Roots' Chef we aim at producing all the loved and proudly South African dishes. Our Chefs give a creative twist to all recipes and also adjust it to balance the texture and taste of the plant-protein chunks. In doing so, we imitate the taste of meat.

...the song the ingredients play....

The Chef is like a conductor...choosing the ingredients of a dish is like different instruments playing in an orchestra.

The balance of aroma is a delicate composition - to achieve a masterpiece we use the best ingredients possible...flavour and health are everything!

The process to arrive at the perfect dish takes various tries and testing in our well equipped kitchens. But I love this because this is part of the journey.

The ultimate aim is to provide our clients with a no fuss experience and tasty meals - as if our Roots' Chef is cooking for you in the comfort of your own home!

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